About Chloe

Welcome to my gardening blog which I started waaaay back in 2008. All the content is written by yours truly based upon my hands-on experience and knowledge – I know my stuff :o).

So whether you want to purchase a new piece of garden equipment or just want to know how much you should pay to hire a tradesperson, I can help you make the right decision! All my articles are written in plain English in an easy-to-understand format with no jargon, making them simple and easy to understand. That said, no one is perfect, right? If you see something you think is not right hit me up, and I will be more than happy to change it. :o)

A quick word on advertisements and guest posts. I am an Amazon Associate so not looking for any advertisers – sorry! BUT if you want to write something of interest please ping me over your idea via email and ill take a look, ideally please also supply evidence of stuff you’ve written before as that really helps sort the good stuff from the, well, not so good!


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