Seasonal Calendar

Knowing what grows well in your garden and when is really important. With 12 months a year and lots of fruit and veg on offer, remembering what, when and where can be tricky. That's why we've put together this seasonal calendar. You can check what you could be growing this month, and what you should be planning later in the year.

Gardening in June

Gardening in June

We’ve put together a detailed list of jobs that can be done whilst you’re gardening in June:


Vegetable Garden

At the beginning of June, plant these outside: runner beans, dwarf French beans, kohl rabi, carrots, marrows, cauliflowers, peas, ridge cucumbers, sweet corn, swede, lettuce, endive, squashes and spinach. And if you’d like to grow veg for the winter and spring try these: cabbages, kale, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts.

Bedding Plants

Stake any tall sunflowers to stop them from snapping. Hoe borders as often as possible to keep the weeds down. Get your summer flowers planted outside. If you need to buy some bedding plants, pop to Homebase where you will find a great range.


Keep containers and hanging baskets well watered and remove faded flowers to encourage more blooms throughout the summer.


If the days are hot and sunny, the humidity in your greenhouse will rise, spreading the chance of bugs and diseases. To stop this just open the window vents and let some air in.


Trim and tidy up hedges now. Brush off trimmings to prevent the spread of fungal diseases. Don’t forget to check for nesting birds before clipping hedges.


Try growing basil, mint, parsley or thyme. After planting, place in a sunny spot near the kitchen so they’re handy when cooking.


Little and often – that’s the key to a beautiful lawn. After mowing, keep the edges tidy using long-handled edging shears or a strimmer. Try and mow lawns at least once a week.

Perennials (winter surviving plants)

Check plants for a white powdery coating on the surface of their leaves as they might have mildew. If you spot any, cut out all infected parts of the plant and burn diseased material. Remove weeds before they flower and start spreading.


Encourage growing and long-lasting flowers by sprinkling rose fertiliser around your plants.


Cut back shrubs after flowering to revitalise plants and improve their shape. If you’ve got any Philadelphus, give them a good cut back, they will benefit later on. And remember, now is a great time to take cuttings from your shrubs for growing new plants later on.


Water all newly planted trees well for the first year – it takes at least a year for new roots to develop deep into the soil for the tree to be fully settled in.


There’s still time to plant climbing, dwarf and runner beans directly in the ground. If you’re growing courgettes, celery, tomatoes and squash plant them outside in a sunny spot. Start picking onions, garlic and early potatoes. Your lettuce, radish and other salad bits should be good to pick too.