Seasonal Calendar

Knowing what grows well in your garden and when is really important. With 12 months a year and lots of fruit and veg on offer, remembering what, when and where can be tricky. That's why we've put together this seasonal calendar. You can check what you could be growing this month, and what you should be planning later in the year.

Gardening in September

Gardening in September

We’ve put together a detailed list of jobs that can be done whilst you’re gardening in September:


Vegetable Garden

Hardy varieties of peas and broad beans can be planted now. Most benefit from cloche protection in winter, especially in very cold areas. Tip: It’s worth buying fleeces that fit over hoops and pots to help protect your crops. For more tips on vegetable gardening visit our vegetable patch section here.

Bedding plants, bulbs and containers

Bedding Deadhead the last of your flower blooms and continue to water plants, particularly if there’s a dry spell. Get a head start on next year’s bedding displays by taking cuttings from summer-flowering Pelargoniums. Or pop to a garden centre where a wide range of autumn/winter bedding plants are available.


Once you’ve picked your last raspberries, cut back the canes that have produced fruit to ground level, and tie in the best new canes. Harvest apples, pears and plums. (Make sure you store apples carefully by wrapping them up individually in a newspaper). Protect your autumn raspberries and blackberries from birds with netting.

Lawn care

Keep up the weekly mowing and edge trimming to maintain a healthy green lawn. Repair and renovate your lawn by raking it vigorously to remove any dead or dying grass.

Flowers, shrubs and trees

Perennials (winter surviving plants) Any large clumps of summer-flowering perennials, like Daylilies can be divided up to make new plants. Easy seeds to collect are Love-in-a-mist, Foxgloves and Honesty.


Let flowering plants go to seed (sunflowers, ornamental grasses and Knifophia) it’ll provide extra food for wildlife. Plant evergreen shrubs such as Ilex (holly) & Pracantha to provide shelter and food for wildlife during winter.