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How to build a garden fence

How to build a garden fence
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Protect your garden and all your hard work by building a fence. They’re easy to put up and make your outside space look really nice and tidy. The colour and style you choose will depend on the size of your garden and taste, but here’s a step-by-step guide to help you build a garden fence.

1. Choose your style of fence

Before you can build anything you need to decide on what look you’re going for. Fences come in all shapes and sizes – here are some of your choices:

Closeboard fencing:
Made up of overlapping vertical boards of timber, this is the strongest and heaviest panel available. It offers complete privacy and is great for boundary fencing.

Overlap fencing:
Similar to closebaord except the timber boards overlaps horizontally. It’s an economical choice, but still offers great levels of privacy.

This is a traditional picket style fence that offers a bit of visibility, while still being good for security.

This style is really flexible, it can be used on its own as open screen fencing, or as a decorative panel on top of solid fence panels – great for attaching climbing plants to.

2. Choose the right fence posts

Having decided on the fence style you now need to think about the type of fence post to go for. There are two to choose from wood or concrete – wooden posts look great but can rot over time, while concrete posts take a bit more work to install, but weather well.

You also need to pick your post supports. Again you can use concrete to set posts in the ground, or you can use metal containers that are dug or fixed into place.

3. Work out the fence post lengths

To work out the length of the posts you need to buy, decide on the finished height of your fence. Once you know this you should use these measurements as a guide:

  • For a 6ft fence with wooden posts in concrete buried in the ground – you need 8ft posts for good sturdiness.
  • For a 6ft fence with wooden posts using post spikes (metal containers) – you need 6ft posts for lasting strength.

If you use post spikes, don’t forget to check for pipes and electric cables, before you hammer them into the ground. Also for any fence